Hi, I am Rosemarie

I am a 27 year old photo enthusiast from Cleveland, Ohio. From a very young age I was bombarded by a camera in my face with my father behind the lens. Growing up as my fathers muse and being the subject inspired me to create and see the world from my fathers point of view. A life through the lens. Photography has brought me many opportunities and taken me to places all over the world.

When I am away from my camera, I am a wife, teacher, best friend and daughter. People inspire me. I have always flourished off of connections with others. Photography allows me to see other peoples connections within their world. I love being able to look through the lens and be a part of the little moments and life events of others.

My Philosophy

Photography Captures Your Story

Life goes by way too fast. So many moments are worth documenting. A good photograph can capture a moment in time and preserve that memory.

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